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Saving the Arkley- March 2013
Gerard Chateauvieux - Video by Bob Garner

Pete Lamarca gives his oral history of the Arkley.

In early January, 2013, an ad was placed on the San Diego Craigslist for the original Arkley molds. Mr. Pete Lamarca, the current owner was no longer going to be able to keep or store them, so they either needed to be sold or they would probably have a bad ending.

On March 9, 2013, a plea went out on the SS Arkey Enthusiasts Group by Michael Maloney. Michael was inquiring if there was someone in the San Diego area who could go and inspect and photograph them. As I knew a number of Spridget and British Car enthusiasts in the area, I circulated a request for help through some of the forums where I contribute. By Monday the 11th, I had a couple volunteers not only willing to contact Pete, but to make arrangements to pick up and store them until final arrangements could be made with the new owner, who I believe will be Michael.

Thanks goes out to John Wesson and Bob Gardner, who met with Pete Lamarca to make the exchange. Bob generously contributed his time and talents to also document the event in photos and video. Watch the following video of the day's events and see and hear some interesting history offered by Pete.

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If my server bogs down, the video can also be seen on YouTube.